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Friday, March 25, 2011

Back to Square 1

Well, we are back to square 1 with names! Brendan called me last night and said "I have been thinking and I think we should rethink some of the babies" . So we are redo the babies names! By Sunday I hope to have them done!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Missing my boys.

Being in the hospital without seeing my baby boys everyday is very hard and very challenging. I call them and talk to them but I don't get to see they cute little faces everyday. Brendan comes and sees me and my mother enjoys calling me at every minute of every hour. I have people call me and come to see me but they boys mean the world to me and I miss them so much.


Slight Changes!

Well last night I was laying in bed and I just all the sudden started having really bad contractions! I called my nurse in to see if I was going crazy or it was true and I was contracting! They went on for a few minutes then just stopped! Then at 4 AM they came back! Then stopped again! It was very wired! Also we have decided to change baby C's name for Kaitlyn Isabel to Isabelle Kate! I am laying in bed right now just chilling out waiting for my mom and sister to come visit me!
Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

19 weeks and Some Fun!


I am 19 weeks today! Yea!!!!!!! I was talking to my Dr. and he said that he wants me to make it to 30 which is in June! I have been feeling lots of kicks and little flutters everyday! We have decided on name for the boys(A and D)
A-Jacob Samuel(Jake)
D-Andrew Benjamin(Drew)
Next are my 4 little girlies! Wish us luck!

Friday, March 18, 2011

How to keep busy!?!?!?!??!!!


Today I had an ultrasound and it is so cool and so much fun to see the babies! Here is some info on the babies!
Baby A-8 oz!- He is always kicking and moving around!
Baby B-7.5 oz! She is my oldest girl and she shows it! Kicking around!
Baby C-8.5 oz!-Big baby girl!
Baby D-7 oz! My small but strong baby boy!
Baby E-8 oz! I have a feeling she will be my calm one!
Baby F-8 oz ! Loves Music!
So being almost 19 weeks they all have personalities!
Ryan and Noah think it is so cool that there are people in my belly! We have an issue though! I need some things to do to keep me busy! Please comment and tell me any ideas you have! Also if you would like to pass this on to people you may just let me know!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Naming Struggles!

I thought naming Noah and Ryan was hard well naming 6 is so much harder! It will all work out! I am hoping! Well I think I might go to bed soon! Ultrasound in the AM!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!1

I hope everyone had an amazing day! Brendan is 1/2 Irish say my kids are a quarter and I am not but I still celebrate! I feel pretty good right now! Movement all day long which I LOVE!!!!