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Friday, March 18, 2011

How to keep busy!?!?!?!??!!!


Today I had an ultrasound and it is so cool and so much fun to see the babies! Here is some info on the babies!
Baby A-8 oz!- He is always kicking and moving around!
Baby B-7.5 oz! She is my oldest girl and she shows it! Kicking around!
Baby C-8.5 oz!-Big baby girl!
Baby D-7 oz! My small but strong baby boy!
Baby E-8 oz! I have a feeling she will be my calm one!
Baby F-8 oz ! Loves Music!
So being almost 19 weeks they all have personalities!
Ryan and Noah think it is so cool that there are people in my belly! We have an issue though! I need some things to do to keep me busy! Please comment and tell me any ideas you have! Also if you would like to pass this on to people you may just let me know!



  1. Are you on bedrest, I take it? I was on bedrest starting 20's what I did....
    *I worked on a cross-stitch for the nursery (never mind that I haven't finished it yet- been too busy since the birth)
    *Netflix!!! Watched some TV series I never watched the first time around
    *Cliche, but find a good book, read up on parenting books. I really recommend a premature baby book to get you all set for NICU terms/possible complications. that's the one I read mostly on hospital bedrest

    That's all I can think of...

  2. Martha! Thank you so much! Your kids are adorable! I am going to knit baby blankets but I wanted some other ideas too! Thanks so much!

  3. Wow! Can you feel them individually or just the top two and bottom two? I've always loved my pregnancies, on my 3rd now, I could only imagine the feeling of all those babies! Are there hours that your belly is constantly moving?

    Ideas: my first one was blog, but you've got that. :-)
    Other things I would do? I think I'd be paranoid about not giving them all the same amount of attention so I'd start on individual things for each specific one. Since there at six I think I'd buy their wood shaped initials (first and middle only) the ones you hang on the wall. I'd decorate them specifically for each. That way in case you ever switch up the bed rooms they can take their initials with them.
    Also I think I'd spend A LOT of time on the Internet from boredom, so I'd try to remember to research companies that would give me some freebies. Diapers, formula, maybe even clothes!